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Cornell Academic Calendar in iCal Format

The Cornell Academic Calendar is available for Oracle Calendar Users. The file used for this is an .ics file which can be directly used by iCal, and probably other software using the open iCalendar format.
Table of Contents

Quick Overview:

Nominally, the file is available from:

Ultimately you will have an .ics file which can then be imported into iCal for use.

More details:

You can access the Cornell Academic Calendar page at:

On that page you will find a section in the sidebar for Oracle calendar users:

From there you can download the file listed above from:

Save the file to your local hard drive and import it into iCal or other software.

On the Mac using iCal

You may be prompted to open the file directly in iCal when downloading.

Otherwise, double click the downloaded file. You will probably want to open it as a new calendar, separate from any others you may have.

You now have a local copy of the Cornell Academic Calendar as one of your calendars in iCal.

I have published my local copy so I can simply subscribe to it from my iPhone and other Macs I use.

I would include the subscribe link here for your convenience were it not for the requirement of an authorization for download.

I am looking into whether Cornell has any plans to publish the calendar so one can simply subscribe to it.

-- DickFurnas - 2009-08-18

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