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Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire

The optional but ever-popular Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire.

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-Dick Furnas

Table of Contents

Traditional Paper:


Online Qualtrics Survey Tool https://surveys.cornell.edu – Using this online survey you can create your own anonymous survey link and send it to your students. The survey questionnaire has already been created and saved to the Qualtrics “Cornell University Public” Library. You as the instructor will access the survey and copy it to your own account, which you will then distribute to your students.

Simply log into Qualtrics and create an account. If you have previously completed Qualtrics surveys at Cornell you will already have an account. Attached are directions on how to create an anonymous link to the survey and send it to your students.

When you go to copy the survey you will see that there are two different Math Teaching Nuts & Bolts surveys in the Qualtrics library. One of the surveys is specifically for Math 1110, which is noted in the title. Both surveys also include a new “comments” section.

A sample e-mail may be found in the attached PDF Qualtrics Survey Directions that you can use to send to your students along with your anonymous link.


  • Qualtrics is the new preferred format for the on-line survey. -- DickFurnas - 20 Sep 2016

Summary Notes


On-line Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire Use:

Course by When
Math 000 Bb Import DickFurnas 14 Sep 2007 - 17:24
Math 000 PDF file DickFurnas 14 Sep 2007 - 17:32
Math 1110 PDF file Main.cw538 2015-02-14 - 12:03


See: Nuts And Bolts Correspondence for background information leading to creation of this page.

-- DickFurnas - 13 Sep 2007
Includes: NutsAndBoltsUsage

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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="NutsAndBoltsQuestionnaire.pdf" attr="" comment="Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire Fall 2016" date="1474394182" name="NutsAndBoltsQuestionnaire.pdf" path="N&B-questionnaire Fa 2016.pdf" size="183959" stream="N&B-questionnaire Fa 2016.pdf" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp48657" user="ref2" version="17"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="QualtricsSurveyDirections.pdf" attr="" comment="Qualtrics Survey Directions Fall 2016" date="1474394502" name="QualtricsSurveyDirections.pdf" path="QualtricsSurveyDirections.pdf" size="583650" stream="QualtricsSurveyDirections.pdf" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp43688" user="ref2" version="1"
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