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Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire in Moodle

The Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire is available for use as a Moodle Activity as:

  • a Questionnaire template
  • as a Questions in a Question Bank for inclusion into a Quiz.

Table of Contents

Recommended: As a Questionnaire

Among the settings when creating a questionnaire as an activity is the option to create a new Questionnaire or use an existing template. The Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire is available as a template.

  • The Moodle Questionnaire has a setting allowing it to be taken anonymously by the students.
    • N.B.: Anonymous is not the default for a Questionnaire. The default for a survey is to associate the name with the survey.
  • One of the available settings is to have a grade assigned for completion of the questionnaire.
  • Summary graphs of responses are available.
  • Note: A Teacher or TA can preview the Questionnaire but cannot take it unless they switch to the role of student.

Also Possible: As a Quiz

The questions for the Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire are available in a Question Bank. You can create a Moodle Quiz as usual and the questions are available for insertion into the quiz.
  • You must have the Shared Question User role at the level of the courses for the current semester to see these questions. Please
  • The Quiz is best thought of as a grade for the instructor, emphatically not as a grade for the student, except possibly for completion of the quiz.
  • The Quiz is not anonymous which may inhibit candid responses from students.
  • The Quiz does make it simpler to follow up with students who have particular concerns about the course.

-- DickFurnas - 2009-09-17
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