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TWiki's ITO web The ITO web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).ITO ZoomSkilz Zoom Skilz!! Quick link to this page: Collected skills which are good to develop for using Zoom Meeting. Probably the most important skill is... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2020-04-13T05:32:50Z ref2 WebHome Welcome to the 1 web Contact: Dick Furnas, 258 Malott Hall instruct tech(at) Accessibity Instructional Technology Office Support for... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2020-03-26T19:49:32Z ref2 CornellAcademicCalendarInICalFormat Cornell Academic Calendar in iCal Format Here is a download, courtesy of the Instructional Technology Office of the Cornell Department of Mathematics: Due to... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2019-06-10T19:38:07Z ref2 SheepShaver Sheep Shaver an open source emulator of a classic PPC Macintosh compatible with Mac OS X on both PPC and Intel Macs. This is of particular interest to be able... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2018-08-08T00:50:48Z ref2 NutsAndBolts Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire The optional but ever popular Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire. Recommended: Use the On line Qualtrics Survey NutsAndBoltsQuestionnaire... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2016-09-20T20:12:13Z ref2 FlashCards How to hijack the Un x utility fortune for Flash Cards on the Mac The Un x utility fortune is a great source of amusement, providing lots of aphorisms from a wide... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2016-05-18T20:23:56Z ref2 MoodleMathCourseAccess How to Access your Moodle Course Screen: If you have a Cornell NetID You should be able to use standard Cornell single sign in with your NetID to gain access... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2015-09-13T17:00:03Z ref2 MoodleMath Math Department Moodle The Math Department has its own instance of Moodle for use as an attractive alternative to Blackboard as a course management system Moodle... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2015-09-13T16:48:39Z ref2 WebCreateNewTopic (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-06-10T21:22:58Z TWikiContributor WebSearch (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-05-15T21:32:24Z TWikiContributor WebSearchAdvanced (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2015-05-15T21:32:20Z TWikiContributor NutsAndBoltsUsage Course by When Math 000 Bb Import DickFurnas 14 Sep 2007 17:24 Math 000 PDF file DickFurnas 14 Sep 2007 17:32 Math 1110 PDF file... (last changed by cw538) 2015-02-14T17:03:38Z unknown LaTeX LaTeX LaTeX is the de facto standard markup language for Mathematics and mathematical expressions. The Open Source Mathematics environment SageMath uses LaTeX as... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2015-01-13T17:12:32Z ref2 NutsAndBoltsInBlackboard Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire in Blackboard Here find useful files and instructions for implementing the Nuts and Bolts Questionnaire in Blackboard. BlackBoard provides... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2013-03-04T16:28:09Z ref2 PollingGizmos Polling Gizmos In previous centuries, teachers would poll students with a show of hands, amplitude of applause or laughter. Today, we have the iClicker. iClicker... (last changed by DickFurnas) 2012-10-26T19:49:15Z ref2 WebTopMenu Top Menu of ITO Web This topic defines the menu structure of the ITO web, used by the TopMenuSkin. 1 Web` Create New Topic... (last changed by TWikiContributor) 2011-07-28T22:00:09Z TWikiContributor
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