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  1. The new due dates of assignments
  2. End Date of your work commitment


What about FERPA?

  • The easiest way to be FERPA compliant: Do not collect student images or information at all. Tools may make it easy to log what happens, record sessions, or track student behavior, but that puts the onus on Cornell, and you as a Cornell employee, to handle the data according to FERPA regulations. Interactions like office hours, review sessions, informal conversations, even recitation sections may realistically require little or no such data to be collected.
  • Canvas is designed to adhere to FERPA requirements, but moving data, like video recordings of classes, into Canvas may involve steps where data is stored in a manner which is not FERPA compliant. This is an area CIT and CTI are working on actively, with things like changing storage quotas.


Sources of confusion and details that matter.

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