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Coding Data

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  • The reference Core Plus Data which Gabe compiled into a master spreadsheet. The TWiki page is not pretty, but functional in the sense that it can be easily searched and the revision control allows for finding changes going forward. -- DickFurnas - 06 Nov 2009
  • The Core plus data looks great! I just posted the combined UCSMP spreadsheet. It looks to be in the same format as the Core plus data, so hopefully we can apply the formulas you were working on yesterday. -- GabrielDobbs - 03 Nov 2009
  • I separated out Book as referenced in the files from ISBN since in doing some searching and reading about ISBN numbers, they can be messier than I had hoped. I thought it true that an ISBN number uniquely identifies a book, edition, and likely pagination, but I'm no longer so sure. It turns out to be discouraged as an identifier for a bibliographic reference. -- DickFurnas - 03 Nov 2009
  • FINALS_Glencoe.ods attached. Has nearly everything parsed out into separate columns. Missing is file name and a column for the date of original source for data... and where does section number come from? the file name? -- DickFurnas - 03 Nov 2009
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