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Coding Sheet for Huntley et al.

A web-based coding sheet for the Math Taxonomy Behaviors and Content.
Table of Contents


Each available code has three radio buttons arranged side-by-side.

When coding a question, consider:

  • (1) What is this question primarily about?
  • (2) Is the question, in the context of the about anything else?

Code the question as follows:

  • Click the radio button closest to the code(s) applicable for (1)
  • Click the middle radio button for the code(s) applicable for (2)
  • The default button, farthest from the code means the code was not considered or is not particularly relevant for the question in its context.

Some codes are in a hierarchy which can be disclosed to reveal further detail. Play with the coding items here:


Coding Sheet


  • K Knowing Knowing
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    • K1 Recall
    • K2 Recognize
    • K3 Compute
    • K4 Retrieve
    • K5 Recount
  • A Applying Applying
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    • A1 Select
    • A2 Represent
    • A3 Model
    • A4 Solve (Routine Problems)
  • R Reasoning Reasoning
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    • R1 Analyze
    • R2 Generalize
    • R3 Synthesize Integrate
    • R4 Justify
    • R5 Solve (Non-routine Problems)


-- DickFurnas - 2009-06-20
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