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MSC2 is MSC in the new normal. Quick link to this page: MSC2.ref2.net

MSC2 is Open as a Zoom Meeting. It was Mon, 06 Apr 2020 19:06:40 GMT when this page was last loaded.

Check out ZoomSkilz.ref2.net for tips, tricks, and Gotchas about Zoom. We are supporting people in time zones around the planet and are trying to keep the General Math Support Center Zoom Meeting alive 24/7. You can join the General Math Support Center Zoom Meeting at any time, with tutors available according to the published schedule. Someone may be in the Meeting at other times. Our schedule will adapt as we learn what you need.

MSC2 Zoom Meetings:

Join an MSC2 Zoom Meeting:
FIRST: Log in with Cornell Zoom at https://cornell.zoom.us/signin then Join an MSC2 Zoom Meeting:
General Math Support Center
761-478-873 (Richard Furnas)
Meeting Room available:
Almost any time, day or night.
Priority Availability:
10:00 am - 4:30 pm Weekdays Ithaca time.
739-721-4737 (Trish Ortiz)
Meeting Room available:
11:00 am - 1:00 pm Mondays and Fridays Ithaca Time.
Contact Trish by email (tyo3) for other arrangements.

Configuration Tips:

See also ZoomSkilz.ref2.net for tips, tricks, and Gotchas about Zoom.
Use internet audio if you can. To avoid audio feedback issues, when you enter the meeting your settings default to audio only, with your audio muted.
You can elect to turn on your audio as desired.
Recommended: Bookmark this page to enter the meeting
or use the short link MSC2.ref2.net (which redirects to this page).
The Zoom Meeting ID may change.

Want to give us feedback and/or voice concerns?

We very much appreciate any feedback you may have, so we can be more supportive and helpful in these weird times! To do that, you can:

  1. talk to any of the tutors in the Zoom meeting
  2. email Henrique (hcz5) or Sonya (sab444) or Dick (ref2)
  3. use this anonymous form: https://forms.gle/jAchmvfzrhEHB1Lp8
If you have any concerns, especially on circumstances that may prevent you from getting the help you need, please make sure to email Henrique or Sonya or Dick about it (else, it'll be harder for us to get back to you and figure something out!)

Here are some COVID-19 references which deserve to be in your bubble:

  • Data for you: Ongoing contributions in data collection, curation, analysis and visualization surrounding COVID-19

Disclaimer: My daughter-in Law, Sarah Laskow, is a senior editor at The Atlantic, where she oversees the Science section.

-- Dick Furnas - 2020-03-13

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