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Math Study Strategies:

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 [I’m not a fan of this link and did not refer to it in my edits above. It is clear product promotion which feeds on Urbandictionary:FoMo (Fear of Missing Out) and further contributes to procrastination — “I’ve got it all verbatim on my recording device so I can learn it later”. There is no time like the present. Learn it now. The ability to replay things faster than real time is very cool and has its uses, but should not be encouraged here. Let’s write from our observations and experience, this is not a scholarly paper. I looked for other references I would be happier with, They were not so easy to find with some suggesting that the interference from note taking was more pronounced in people “on the spectrum” — not inconsistent with the “people are different” assertion. In any case it all seemed to me to be at the same level of credibility as reportage on nutrition and diet advice. Great clickbait. smile ]


Original Document received by Dick Furnas from Philip Sink. Pasted here for further work.

-- Dick Furnas - 2018-08-18

Hey Philip,

It looks like TWiki will be staying around in some form for the foreseeable future (whatever that means) with some level of access for Cornellians. With that as encouragement, I've taken what you sent me, put it in TWiki as a Topic under the MscCapsules Topic and started editing it there. You can access it, I hope, from this link:


Definitely a work in progress and TWiki has its quirks, but TWiki is an awesome collaboration tool which:

  • Automagically tracks changes to documents:
    • who made the changes
    • when the changes were made
  • Enables viewing things in different formats with no further editing
    • Content is maintained separately from presentation.

You are already familiar with these ideas from your use of LaTeX where you can output the same LaTeX file for different purposes.

You're also familiar with LaTeX as a markup language. TWiki has its own markup language which I often use to structure text in emails. This email pasted into TWiki will become nicely formatted with

Anyhow, take a look. I've begun a rude and ruthless edit, and included some notes along the way. Let me know what you think. If nothing else, you should be able to leave comments at the bottom of the page. It's trivial to take text from comments and incorporate it into the main portion of the document. So if you're so inclined, you can get started that way without diving in to the gory details of how to edit TWiki documents. Dip your toe in with comments or dive into the editor. Make whatever changes you like, you can't break anything.

I'm going to set this aside for a while in favor of other projects, but wanted to get this much on your radar.

See you soon.


-- Dick Furnas - 2018-08-18

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