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Math Support Center Sign-In Sign-Out Form

An ancient (designed for Windows 98!) laptop is installed in the MSC as a dedicated station for students to sign in/out and leave comments. The system was implemented to simplify data collection for an intensive assessment of MSC use and is now available as a complete replacement for any paper forms. The department wiki has further details in the topic MSC.MscSignInSignOut.

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  • The laptop is intended as a dedicated station for sign-in and sign-out.
  • Firefox is configured with the sign-in page as its home page.
  • The network connection is minimal -- only the sign-up server is accessible.


  • If someone quits Firefox, just relaunch it from the desktop icon.
  • If the laptop seriously misbehaves
    1. Press the Power button to the upper left of the keyboard until it powers off
    2. Wait a few moments
    3. Press the power button to turn it back on.

Geek details:

  • Yes, it's really booting from a floppy.
  • Yes, its OS and configuration are all on the 64Meg USB Pen Drive.
  • Yes, its limited network access is configured elsewhere.
  • Yes, it's accessing a different machine.
  • Yes, it's running Linux. DSL Linux -- Google:DSL+Linux
  • Yes, it's good ol' Firefox running on a laptop with:
    • 300 Mhz Pentium MX processor
    • 64Meg RAM

The Logging system is web-based using an open-source CGI for maximum flexibility in choice of both client and server. Currently (Spring 2015) the client laptop is on a dedicated network connected through a NAT firewall to the Instructional Technology Office (ITO) network. A machine in the ITO hosts the cgi and collects the data.

Feel free to drop me a note if you're interested in more details.



SignIn SignOut Summaries:

Most Recent Term:




-- DickFurnas - 27 Mar 2008

META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MSC_Sign.pdf" attr="" comment="Signs directing students to the laptop." date="1206639531" name="MSC_Sign.pdf" path="MSC_Sign.pdf" size="163387" stream="MSC_Sign.pdf" user="Main.DickFurnas" version="1"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MSC_SignIn.pdf" attr="" comment="MSC Sign in HERE" date="1221079320" name="MSC_SignIn.pdf" path="MSC_SignIn.pdf" size="428452" stream="MSC_SignIn.pdf" user="Main.DickFurnas" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="MSC_SignOut.pdf" attr="" comment="MSC Sign Out Reminder" date="1221079348" name="MSC_SignOut.pdf" path="MSC_SignOut.pdf" size="429265" stream="MSC_SignOut.pdf" user="Main.DickFurnas" version="1"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Sites.zip" attr="h" comment="Backup of ~mac1/Sites, which mirrors ~msc/Sites files in ~msc/Sites are chown _www:_www" date="1437012494" name="Sites.zip" path="Sites.zip" size="863887" stream="Sites.zip" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp22360" user="ref2" version="3"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="incoming.nb" attr="h" comment="a very crude Mathematica notebook to process the incoming.txt log file" date="1437021328" name="incoming.nb" path="incoming.nb" size="61449" stream="incoming.nb" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp34475" user="ref2" version="2"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="WordClouds.nb" attr="h" comment="A Mathematica Notebook which produces Word Clouds [Tag Clouds] from =incoming.txt=" date="1437346203" name="WordClouds.nb" path="WordClouds.nb" size="322724" stream="WordClouds.nb" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp42238" user="ref2" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Since_2008_MSCWordClouds.png" attr="" comment="Word Clouds for the MSC!" date="1437346411" name="Since_2008_MSCWordClouds.png" path="Since_2008_MSCWordClouds.png" size="970256" stream="Since_2008_MSCWordClouds.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp42363" user="ref2" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Latest_Term_MSCWordClouds.png" attr="" comment="Word Clouds for the most recent term." date="1437346806" name="Latest_Term_MSCWordClouds.png" path="Latest_Term_MSCWordClouds.png" size="821610" stream="Latest_Term_MSCWordClouds.png" tmpFilename="/usr/tmp/CGItemp42186" user="ref2" version="1"
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