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TWiki's Numb3rs web The Numb3rs web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. Copyright 2023 by contributing authors 2020-12-22T19:15:24Z WebHome 2020-12-22T19:15:24Z Numb3rs Math Activities The TV show Numb3rs begins each week with We all use math every day; to predict weather, to tell time, to handle money. Math is more than... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas WebStatistics 2017-09-13T07:39:46Z Statistics for Numb3rs Web Month: Topic views: Topic saves: File uploads: Most popular topic views: Top contributors for topic save... (last changed by TWikiGuest) TWikiGuest WebCreateNewTopic 2015-06-10T21:22:58Z (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor WebSearch 2015-05-15T21:32:24Z (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor WebSearchAdvanced 2015-05-15T21:32:20Z (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor WebTopMenu 2011-07-28T22:00:09Z Top Menu of Numb3rs Web This topic defines the menu structure of the Numb3rs web, used by the TopMenuSkin. 1 Web` Create New Topic... (last changed by TWikiContributor) TWikiContributor WebTopicCreator 2009-09-08T13:30:33Z (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas JudgementCall 2008-02-21T17:56:02Z Numb3rs 2x01: Judgment Call In this episode, Charlie discusses Bayes` Theorem and its application to Bayesian filters. Bayesian filters are used for a number of... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas WebLeftBar 2008-02-18T05:03:30Z :led green: Search Index Recent Changes Home Create New Topic Notifications Statistics Preferences :led... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas WebPreferences 2008-02-18T04:46:39Z Numb3rs Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Numb3rs web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in .... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas SeasonOne 2008-02-18T04:25:06Z Season 1 SeasonOne We use the original numbering which is on the DVD. This differs somewhat from the numbers used on the NCTM page. 101 Pilot Episode... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas ManHunt 2008-02-15T23:18:56Z Numb3rs 113: Manhunt In this episode, Charlie uses Bayesian inference and Markov chains to help his brother figure out the cause of a bus crash which let two prisoners... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas TheSacrifice 2008-02-15T23:08:18Z Numb3rs 111: Sacrifice In this episode the data from a murdered researcher`s computer is recovered after being `wiped`. After a review of the basics of magnetism... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas WebNotify 2008-02-01T15:20:29Z This is a subscription service to be automatically notified by e mail when topics change in this 1 web. This is a convenient service, so you do not have to come... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas SniperZero 2008-01-28T10:56:08Z Numb3rs 109: Sniper Zero In this episode the FBI investigates a bizarre string of sniper attacks which seem to have little in common. To determine the location... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas PilotEpisode 2008-01-28T03:00:23Z Numb3rs 101: Pilot In this episode, a serial murder rapist has made numerous attacks in the Los Angeles area. Making some seemingly harmless basic assumptions, Charlie... (last changed by DickFurnas) DickFurnas
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