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Brain Dumps

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  • Using an old phone as a low overhead method to keep a Zoom meeting open.
  • Using elephants to encourage appropriate in-person behavior
  • Rules for having No Rules
  • Anchoring (cognitive bias) reimagined to improve outcomes for the underserved
  • Anchoring (cognitive bias) reimagined to improve outcomes

Zoom Whimseys

  • Virtual Backgrounds as Foreground!!, just cover the Camera!
    • Image with a PSA
    • Video with a slideshow
Virtual Backgrounds can become Foreground. How? Cover the Camera!

  • Create an Image containing a PSA, Then use the [+] to add as a Virtual Background Image.
  • Create a Video with a slideshow or other movie. Then use the [+] to add it as Virtual Background Video
    • Frame Rate, especially for a slide show, should be low to minimize file size.
    • The Free, Open Source program HandBrake [ https://handbrake.fr/ ] may be useful to convert an existing video into a format Zoom can use.
    • I have found 6 seconds to be a useful standard display period for a slide. That seems to be just long enough to see and ideally to read. If you want it to display longer, just duplicate the slide in your stack. If your slide has an image and text, you can switch things up by changing the image, keeping the text in the same position. That keeps it visually interesting for the viewer and displayed longer for the reader.
    • Virtual background videos should not be too long. File size and bandwidth limitations have suggested 2-3 minutes max.
  • Cover the Camera with tape or a plastic chips bag clip.


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