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  • Submit grades and corresponding paperwork to Heather Peterson (310 Malott) for system entry.
  • Grade sheets will be distributed in math lounge mailboxes by 12/10 or 12/11. Per university regulations, grades must *never be transmitted via e-mail.
Table of Contents

Grade deadlines:

  • Grades must be submitted to Heather within 2 days of the date the exam is administered (see exam schedule below).
  • For instructors holding a course with NO final exam, please submit your grades to Heather no later than December 21st (but the sooner the better).

What to submit to Heather (310 Malott):

  • Grade Rosters are distributed to course czar’s for larger courses/sections. The new Peoplesoft Grade Basis (options) are as follows: GRV – Letter, SUX – S/U, RTR – Withdraw, AUD - Audit
  • Record grades on Grade Roster sheet by grade basis (option) selected by student, and submit with your signature.
  • Submit spreadsheet/roll book grade records.
  • An F Form (sample attached) must be submitted for every student receiving an F or U (TA can sign these).
  • An “Explanation of Grade of Incomplete” Form (Incomplete Form - see Heather) must accompany each Incomplete grade submitted.
If you cannot submit your grades in person, ask Heather for alternative delivery instructions.


Date 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM
12/10/08 Wednesday     Period A
MATH 4310, 4330
12/11/08 Thursday Period B
MATH 3110
Period C Period D
MATH 4200, 4530
12/12/08 Friday Period E Period F  
12/13/08 Saturday Period G    
12/15/08 Monday Period H
MATH 2130, 3210
Period I Period J
MATH 1000, 1105, 1110, 1120
MATH 1300, 1340, 1710, 1910
MATH 1920, 2210, 2220, 2310
MATH 2940, 4130
12/16/08 Tuesday Period K
MATH 2930
Period L
MATH 1350
Period M
12/17/08 Wednesday Period N Period O   Period P
MATH 2230, 4810
12/18/08 Thursday Period Q Period R
MATH 1220
Period S
12/19/08 Friday Period T
MATH 4710
Period U
MATH 3320, 4250
Period V


The instructor must fill out this form in its entirety, including specification of how the grade of Incomplete is to be made up, and what action is to be taken if these conditions are not fulfilled by the student. These forms can be obtained from Heather should you need them. (Course leader must sign them.)


The lowest letter grade for “S” is a C-. If below a C- the student does not qualify for S grade; therefore, an F Form needs to be submitted. AUD – (Audit) and RTR - W (Withdraw) are automatically posted (leave those blank)

If a student appears on your list but never attended, they must receive an "F". If that person appears on another instructor's list, your "F" will be disregarded.

Note: If course syllabi have not been submitted please do so at this time.


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