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Sanity Checks

Here are some quick checks of the columns of data in the master spreadsheet, summarizing the number of occurrances of various entries. These may provide clues to data entry errors such as entries in the wrong column or the like. These are similar to the summaries for Topic and CogBeh codes but are arranged explicitly by column in the master spreadsheet. They are presented as tables which can be sorted by clicking on the column header of the table.

  • Created by copying the column from the spreadsheet to the clipboard and invoking the following command in Terminal on the Mac before pasting in here:
pbpaste | sort -n | uniq -c | sed -e 's/^ */|/' -e 's/ /|/' -e 's/$/|/' | pbcopy

Column A

Count Entry

Column B

Count Entry

Column C

Count Entry

Column D

Count Entry

Column E

Count Entry

Column F

Count Entry

Column G

Count Entry

Column H

Count Entry

Column I

Count Entry

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