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Combine and simplify expressions as much as possible.
Solve equations for x.


Answer the following questions without calculators or trig tables.
Leave answers like or as is.
  1. Convert:
    1. to radians.
    2. to degrees.
    3. to radians.
  2. Evaluate:
  3. Sketch the graph of
    (Make your vertical scale as large as possible.)
  4. Given
  5. Solve the following right triangle:
    ( i.e. determine missing sides and angles.)
  6. Relate to and
    1. %#$\mbox{ \small $\sin{\frac{\pi}{2} -\theta}$ }$%
    2. %#$\mbox{ \small $\sin{2\theta}$ }$%
  7. Express in terms of of

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