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<latex>e^{i\pi}=-1</latex> yields
This graphic arises from this text.
\widehat{p}\dagger x_{1}^\prime\bar{x}\bullet
A B\Delta\Gamma M\Pi\Sigma\Theta\Omega
\sqrt[4]{x}^2  = \sqrt{x}
x = \mbox{\LARGE $\frac{ -b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac} }{ 2a }$}
x = \frac{ -b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac} }{ 2a }
x = \mbox{\small $\frac{ -b\pm\sqrt{b^2-4ac} }{ 2a }$}
Pr(\mbox{\small X=k})={n\choose k}p^k(1-p)^{n-k}
\sum_{i=1}^n i = \frac{n*(n+1)}{2}
\int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-\alpha x^2} dx = \sqrt{\frac{\pi}{\alpha}}
\int {f^{-1}(y)} dy = x f(x) - \int{f(x)} dx $ where $ x = f^{-1}(y)
y\propto x
F^{\circ}=\frac{9}{5} C + 32
Binomial(n,p)\sim N(np,\sqrt{npq})
\mbox{\small $Binomial(n,p)\sim N(np,\sqrt{npq})$}
\ll 0 \le\sigma^2 < \infty \gg
year\approx\pi\cdot10^7 seconds

-- Dick Furnas - 2018-08-18


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