The Smilies Plugin :-)

Render smilies as icons, like  :-)  as smile or  :eek:  as eek!


Smilies are common in e-mail messages and bulletin board posts. They are used to convey an emotion, such as a smile :-) or a frown :-( . This plugin automatically converts certain smilies to a nice small icon.

Smilies Table

Here is the list of smilies supported by this plugin. To add others, attach new icons to this topic and tweak the table below.

You type You see Emotion
:-) smile.gif "smile"
:) smile.gif "smile"
8-) cool.gif "cool!"
:cool: cool.gif "cool!"
:-I indifferent.gif "indifferent"
:( frown.gif "frown"
:-( frown.gif "frown"
:o redface.gif "embarrassment"
:D biggrin.gif "big grin"
:-D biggrin.gif "big grin"
;) wink.gif "wink"
;-) wink.gif "wink"
:p tongue.gif "stick out tongue"
:-p tongue.gif "stick out tongue"
:rolleyes: rolleyes.gif "roll eyes (sarcastic)"
:mad: mad.gif "mad!"
:eek: eek.gif "eek!"
:confused: confused.gif "confused"
 >:-) devil.gif "hehe!"
:devil: devil.gif "hehe!"
 >;-) devilwink.gif "hehe! (friendly)"
:devilish: devilwink.gif "hehe! (friendly)"
:-X sealed.gif "sealed lips"
:ok: thumbs.gif "thumbs up"
:yes: yes.gif "yes"
:no: no.gif "no"
:love: love.gif "I love it!"
:skull: skull.gif "dead!"
:red: red.gif "red"
:yellow: yellow.gif "yellow"
:green: green.gif "green"
:blue: blue.gif "blue"
:zoom: zoom16x16.png "zoom meeting"

File Types:

You type You see Suggested Use
:abs: wav.gif "abs file"
:aif: wav.gif "aif file"
:aiff: wav.gif "aiff file"
:arc: zip.gif "arc file"
:arj: zip.gif "arj file"
:as: as.gif "as file"
:au: wav.gif "au file"
:avi: mov.gif "avi file"
:b64: zip.gif "b64 file"
:bat: bat.gif "bat file"
:bhx: zip.gif "bhx file"
:bmp: bmp.gif "bmp file"
:c: c.gif "c file"
:cab: zip.gif "cab file"
:class: java.gif "class file"
:cmd: bat.gif "cmd file"
:cpp: c.gif "cpp file"
:dll: dll.gif "dll file"
:doc: doc.gif "doc file"
:else: else.gif "else file"
:eml: eml.gif "eml file"
:email: eml.gif "email file"
:exe: exe.gif "exe file"
:fla: fla.gif "fla file"
:fon: fon.gif "fon file"
:gif: gif.gif "gif file"
:h: h.gif "h file"
:hlp: hlp.gif "hlp file"
:hqx: zip.gif "hqx file"
:htm: html.gif "htm file"
:html: html.gif "html file"
:ico: bmp.gif "ico file"
:inf: txt.gif "inf file"
:ini: txt.gif "ini file"
:java: java.gif "java file"
:jfif: jpg.gif "jfif file"
:jpe: jpg.gif "jpe file"
:jpeg: jpg.gif "jpeg file"
:jpg: jpg.gif "jpg file"
:js: js.gif "js file"
:jse: js.gif "jse file"
:lzh: zip.gif "lzh file"
:m1v: mov.gif "m1v file"
:mid: wav.gif "mid file"
:mim: zip.gif "mim file"
:mail: mail.gif "mail file"
:mda: mdb.gif "mda file"
:mdb: mdb.gif "mdb file"
:mde: mdb.gif "mde file"
:mov: mov.gif "mov file"
:mp2: wav.gif "mp2 file"
:mp3: wav.gif "mp3 file"
:mp4: mov.gif "mp4 file"
:mpa: mov.gif "mpa file"
:mpe: mov.gif "mpe file"
:mpeg: mov.gif "mpeg file"
:mpega: wav.gif "mpega file"
:mpegv: mov.gif "mpegv file"
:mpg: mov.gif "mpg file"
:mpv: mov.gif "mpv file"
:mpv2: mov.gif "mpv2 file"
:pcx: gif.gif "pcx file"
:pdf: pdf.gif "pdf file"
:perl: pl.gif "perl file"
:pfm: ttf.gif "pfm file"
:pl: pl.gif "pl file"
:pm: pl.gif "pm file"
:png: png.gif "png file"
:pot: ppt.gif "pot file"
:ppa: ppt.gif "ppa file"
:pps: ppt.gif "pps file"
:ppt: ppt.gif "ppt file"
:proj: sniff.gif "proj file"
:ps: ps.gif "ps file"
:pwz: ppt.gif "pwz file"
:py: py.gif "py file"
:ra: ram.gif "ra file"
:ram: ram.gif "ram file"
:reg: reg.gif "reg file"
:rm: ram.gif "rm file"
:rmi: wav.gif "rmi file"
:rtf: doc.gif "rtf file"
:sh: sh.gif "sh file"
:shared: sniff.gif "shared file"
:shtml: html.gif "shtml file"
:sniff: sniff.gif "sniff file"
:tar: zip.gif "tar file"
:taz: zip.gif "taz file"
:text: txt.gif "text file"
:tgz: zip.gif "tgz file"
:tif: png.gif "tif file"
:tiff: png.gif "tiff file"
:ttf: ttf.gif "ttf file"
:txt: txt.gif "txt file"
:tz: zip.gif "tz file"
:vbs: mov.gif "vbs file"
:wav: wav.gif "wav file"
:wri: wri.gif "wri file"
:xbm: bmp.gif "xbm file"
:xla: xls.gif "xla file"
:xlb: xls.gif "xlb file"
:xlc: xls.gif "xlc file"
:xld: xls.gif "xld file"
:xlk: xls.gif "xlk file"
:xll: xls.gif "xll file"
:xlm: xls.gif "xlm file"
:xls: xls.gif "xls file"
:xlt: xls.gif "xlt file"
:xlw: xls.gif "xlw file"
:xml: xml.gif "xml file"
:xsl: xsl.gif "xsl file"
:z: zip.gif "z file"
:zip: zip.gif "zip file"

Note Document icons

You type You see Suggested use
:book: book.gif "Book"
:bubble: bubble.gif "Speech bubble"
:days: days.gif "Days, Calendar"
:download: download.gif "Download"
:filter: filter.gif "Filter"
:gear: gear.gif "Gear"
:globe: globe.gif "Globe"
:hand: hand.gif "Pointing hand"
:help: help.gif "Help"
:info: info.gif "Info"
:hourglass: hourglass.gif "Hour glass (clock)"
:more: more.gif "Read more"
:more-small: more-small.gif "Read more, 13x13"
:move: move.gif "Move"
:note: note.gif "Note"
:parked: parked.gif "Parked"
:pencil: pencil.gif "Pencil / Refactor / Edit"
:puzzle: puzzle.gif "Puzzle"
:question: question.gif "Question"
:rfc: rfc.gif "Request for comments"
:sort: sort.gif "Sort"
:stargold: stargold.gif "Gold star, favorites"
:starred: starred.gif "Red star, highlight"
:stop: stop.gif "Stop"
:target: target.gif "Target"
:tip: tip.gif "Tip, idea"
:warning: warning.gif "Warning, important"
:watch: watch.gif "Watch"
:wip: wip.gif "Work in progress, under construction"
:wrench: wrench.gif "Wrench, tools"

View topic Topic, Attach file file, Folder folder icons

You type You see Suggested use
:viewtopic: viewtopic.gif "View topic"
:printtopic: printtopic.gif "Print topic"
:refreshtopic: refreshtopic.gif "Refresh topic"
:newtopic: newtopic.gif "New topic"
:edittopic: edittopic.gif "Edit topic"
:save: save.gif "Save"
:attachfile: attachfile.gif "Attach file"
:download: download.gif "Download"
:trash: trash.gif "Trash"
:searchtopic: searchtopic.gif "Search topic"
:search-small: search-small.gif "Small search button, 13x13"
:topicbacklinks: topicbacklinks.gif "Topic back-links"
:topicdiffs: topicdiffs.gif "Topic difference"
:statistics: statistics.gif "Statistics"
:index: index.gif "Index"
:indexlist: indexlist.gif "Index list"
:cachetopic: cachetopic.gif "Cache topic"
:folder: folder.gif "Folder"

Person Person, Group group, Lock access icons

You type You see Suggested use
:person: person.gif "Person"
:persons: persons.gif "Persons"
:group: group.gif "Group"
:building: building.gif "Building"
:buildings: buildings.gif "Buildings"
:logout: logout.gif "Log out"
:key: key.gif "Key"
:lock: lock.gif "Lock"
:locktopic: locktopic.gif "Locked topic"
:locktopicgray: locktopicgray.gif "Locked topic, gray"
:lockfolder: lockfolder.gif "Locked folder"
:lockfoldergray: lockfoldergray.gif "Locked folder, gray"

Changes Changes, Notify notification icons

You type You see Suggested use
:changes: changes.gif "Changes"
:changes-small: changes-small.gif "Changes (small), 13x13"
:recentchanges: recentchanges.gif "Recent changes"
:mail: mail.gif "Mail"
:notify: notify.gif "Notify"
:rss-feed: rss-feed.gif "RSS feed, 36x14"
:rss-small: rss-small.gif "RSS feed"
:xml-feed: xml-feed.gif "XML feed, 36x14"
:xml-small: xml-small.gif "XML feed"

Yes / Done Status, Flag flag, Red led LED, Yellow tag tag icons

You type You see Suggested use
:new: new.gif "NEW, 30x16"
:todo: todo.gif "TODO, 37x16"
:updated: updated.gif "UPDATED, 55x16"
:done: done.gif "DONE, 37x16"
:closed: closed.gif "CLOSED, 48x16"
:minus: minus.gif "Minus"
:plus: plus.gif "Plus"
:choice-cancel: choice-cancel.gif "Cancel"
:choice-no: choice-no.gif "No"
:choice-yes: choice-yes.gif "Yes / Done"
:unchecked: unchecked.gif "Unchecked checkbox"
:checked: checked.gif "Checked checkbox"
:flag: flag.gif "Flag"
:flag-gray: flag-gray.gif "Gray flag"
:flag-gray-small: flag-gray-small.gif "Small gray flag, 13x13"
:led-aqua: led-aqua.gif "Aqua led"
:led-blue: led-blue.gif "Blue led"
:led-gray: led-gray.gif "Gray led"
:led-green: led-green.gif "Green led"
:led-orange: led-orange.gif "Orange led"
:led-purple: led-purple.gif "Purple led"
:led-red: led-red.gif "Red led"
:led-yellow: led-yellow.gif "Yellow led"
:led-box-aqua: led-box-aqua.gif "Aqua led"
:led-box-blue: led-box-blue.gif "Blue led"
:led-box-gray: led-box-gray.gif "Gray led"
:led-box-green: led-box-green.gif "Green led"
:led-box-orange: led-box-orange.gif "Orange led"
:led-box-purple: led-box-purple.gif "Purple led"
:led-box-red: led-box-red.gif "Red led"
:led-box-yellow: led-box-yellow.gif "Yellow led"
:tag: tag.gif "Tag"
:tag-blue: tag-blue.gif "Blue tag"
:tag-brown: tag-brown.gif "Brown tag"
:tag-green: tag-green.gif "Green tag"
:tag-magenta: tag-magenta.gif "Magenta tag"
:tag-orange: tag-orange.gif "Orange tag"
:tag-purple: tag-purple.gif "Purple tag"
:tag-red: tag-red.gif "Red tag"
:tag-yellow: tag-yellow.gif "Yellow tag"

Home Navigation icons

You type You see Suggested use
:home: home.gif "Home"
:external: external.gif "External site"
:arrowdot: arrowdot.gif "Meet here (arrows to red dot)"
:left: left.gif "Left"
:right: right.gif "Right"
:up: up.gif "Up"
:down: down.gif "Down"
:arrowbleft: arrowbleft.gif "Arrow blue left"
:arrowbright: arrowbright.gif "Arrow blue right"
:arrowbup: arrowbup.gif "Arrow blue up"
:arrowbdown: arrowbdown.gif "Arrow blue down"
:arrowleft: arrowleft.gif "Arrow left"
:arrowright: arrowright.gif "Arrow right"
:arrowup: arrowup.gif "Arrow up"
:arrowdown: arrowdown.gif "Arrow down"
:go_start: go_start.gif "Go to start"
:go_fb: go_fb.gif "Go fast back"
:go_back: go_back.gif "Go back"
:go_forward: go_forward.gif "Go forward"
:go_ff: go_ff.gif "Go fast forward"
:go_end: go_end.gif "Go to end"

Close toggle, Twisty close toggle Interface icons

You type You see Suggested use
:monospace: monospace.gif "Monospace"
:proportional: proportional.gif "Proportional"
:tablesortdiamond: tablesortdiamond.gif "Sort table"
:tablesortdown: tablesortdown.gif "Sort table descending"
:tablesortup: tablesortup.gif "Sort table ascending"
:toggleopen: toggleopen.gif "Open toggle, Twisty open toggle"
:toggleclose: toggleclose.gif "Close toggle, Twisty close toggle"
:toggleopen-small: toggleopen-small.gif "Open toggle, Twisty open toggle"
:toggleclose-small: toggleclose-small.gif "Close toggle, Twisty close toggle"
:toggleopen-mini: toggleopen-mini.gif "Open toggle, Twisty open toggle"
:toggleclose-mini: toggleclose-mini.gif "Close toggle, Twisty close toggle"
:toggleopenleft: toggleopenleft.gif "Open toggle, Twisty open toggle"
:toggleopenleft-small: toggleopenleft-small.gif "Open toggle, Twisty open toggle"
:web-bg: web-bg.gif "Web background, used in WebLeftBarWebsList"
:web-bg-small: web-bg-small.gif "Web background, 13x13"

TWiki logo TWiki icons

You type You see Suggested use
:addon: addon.gif "Add-on"
:application: application.gif "Application"
:code: code.gif "Code"
:package: package.gif "Package"
:plugin: plugin.gif "Plugin"
:tag: tag.gif "Tag"
:searchpackage: searchpackage.gif "Search package"
:searchtag: searchtag.gif "Search tag"
:skin: skin.gif "Skin"
:twiki: twiki.gif "TWiki logo"

Line graph up-right Block graphics

You type You see Suggested use
:line_ld: line_ld.gif "Line graph left-down"
:line_lr: line_lr.gif "Line graph left-right"
:line_lrd: line_lrd.gif "Line graph left-right-down"
:line_rd: line_rd.gif "Line graph right-down"
:line_ud: line_ud.gif "Line graph up-down"
:line_udl: line_udl.gif "Line graph up-down-left"
:line_udlr: line_udlr.gif "Line graph up-down-left-right"
:line_udr: line_udr.gif "Line graph up-down-right"
:line_ul: line_ul.gif "Line graph up-left"
:line_ulr: line_ulr.gif "Line graph up-left-right"
:line_ur: line_ur.gif "Line graph up-right"
:dot_ld: dot_ld.gif "Dot graph left-down"
:dot_lr: dot_lr.gif "Dot graph left-right"
:dot_lrd: dot_lrd.gif "Dot graph left-right-down"
:dot_rd: dot_rd.gif "Dot graph right-down"
:dot_ud: dot_ud.gif "Dot graph up-down"
:dot_udl: dot_udl.gif "Dot graph up-down-left"
:dot_udlr: dot_udlr.gif "Dot graph up-down-left-right"
:dot_udr: dot_udr.gif "Dot graph up-down-right"
:dot_ul: dot_ul.gif "Dot graph up-left"
:dot_ulr: dot_ulr.gif "Dot graph up-left-right"
:dot_ur: dot_ur.gif "Dot graph up-right"
:empty: empty.gif "Empty transparent 16x16 spacer"

GIF Filetype icons

Filetype icons are used by the attachment table and are seldom used in topics. Write

You type You see Suggested use
:as: as.gif "!ActionScript"
:bat: bat.gif "MS-DOS batch file"
:bmp: bmp.gif "Bitmap"
:c: c.gif "C source code file "
:dll: dll.gif "Dynamic Linked Library; Microsoft application file"
:doc: doc.gif "Microsoft Word file"
:else: else.gif "Unknown file format"
:eml: eml.gif "Microsoft Outlook e-mail file"
:exe: exe.gif "Microsoft Executable file"
:fla: fla.gif "Macromedia Flash Movie"
:fon: fon.gif "Windows bitmapped font file"
:gif: gif.gif "GIF"
:h: h.gif "Header file"
:hlp: hlp.gif "Standard help file"
:html: html.gif "HTML"
:java: java.gif "Java source code file "
:jpg: jpg.gif "JPEG"
:js: js.gif "!JavaScript"
:mdb: mdb.gif "Microsoft Access database File"
:mov: mov.gif "!Quicktime movie"
:mp3: mp3.gif "MP3"
:pdf: pdf.gif "PDF"
:pl: pl.gif "Perl source code file"
:png: png.gif "PNG"
:ppt: ppt.gif "!PowerPoint"
:ps: ps.gif "Postscript"
:py: py.gif "Python source code file "
:ram: ram.gif "!RealAudio"
:reg: reg.gif "Registry file"
:sh: sh.gif "Unix shell script"
:sniff: sniff.gif "sniff"
:swf: swf.gif "SWF (Shockwave Flash)"
:ttf: ttf.gif "True Type font"
:txt: txt.gif "Text"
:wav: wav.gif "Waveform sound file"
:wri: wri.gif "Windows Write"
:xls: xls.gif "Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet"
:xml: xml.gif "XML"
:xsl: xsl.gif "XSL (XML style sheet)"
:zip: zip.gif "Compressed Zip archive"

SmiliesPlugin Global Settings

Plugin settings are stored as preferences variables. To reference a plugin setting write %<plugin>_<setting>%, for example, %INTERWIKIPLUGIN_SHORTDESCRIPTION%

  • One line description, shown in the TextFormattingRules topic:
    • Set SHORTDESCRIPTION = Render smilies as icons, like  :-)  as smile or  :eek:  as eek!

  • The name of the topic containig your Smilies. Default: TWiki.SmiliesPlugin

  • The way the emoticon is displayed. You can use $emoticon (e.g. :D), $url (e.g. %ATTACHURL%/biggrin.gif) and $tooltip (e.g. "big grin").
    Default: <img src="$url" alt="$tooltip" title="$tooltip" border="0" />
      * Set FORMAT = <img src="$url" alt="$tooltip" title="$tooltip" border="0" />

Plugin Installation Instructions

This plugin is pre-installed. TWiki administrators can upgrade the plugin as needed on the TWiki server.

  • Download the ZIP file from the Plugin web (see below)
  • Unzip in your twiki installation directory. Content:
    File: Description:
    data/TWiki/SmiliesPlugin.txt Plugin topic
    lib/TWiki/Plugins/ Plugin Perl module
    pub/TWiki/SmiliesPlugin/*.gif Plugin icon files
  • Visit configure in your TWiki installation, and enable the plugin in the {Plugins} section.
  • Test if the plugin is correctly installed:
  • You will see a series of icons on next line:
    smile smile cool! frown embarrassment big grin wink stick out tongue roll eyes (sarcastic) mad! eek! confused hehe! hehe! (friendly) sealed lips thumbs up yes no I love it! dead! red green

Plugin Info

Plugin Author: TWiki:Main.AndreaSterbini, TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny
Copyright: © 2001-2007 Andrea Sterbini,
© 2001-2015 Peter Thoeny,
© 2001-2015 TWiki:TWiki.TWikiContributor
Plugin Version: 2015-02-16
2015-02-16: TWikibug:Item7604: Switch from GPL v2 to v3
2013-01-13: TWikibug:Item7091: Use TWISTY in plugin settings section, installation instructions and change history
2011-07-09: TWikibug:Item6725: Change global package variables from "use vars" to "our"
2010-09-20: TWikibug:Item6580: Added "red", "yellow", "green", "blue" smilies
2010-05-15: TWikibug:Item6433: Doc improvements; replacing TWIKIWEB with SYSTEMWEB
21 Nov 2007: Doc improvements
16 Mar 2005: Fixed typo "scull"
5 Mar 2005: 1.004 Crawford Currie prepared for Dakar
21 Nov 2004: Added benchmarks (no code changes)
21 Aug 2004: Fixed tooltip for Netscape; added "sealed lips", "thumbs up", "yes" "no", "in love", "skull"
16 Feb 2004: Added "devil" and "devilwink" smilies (by TWiki:Main.CrawfordCurrie)
26 Feb 2003: Added "indifferent" smilie
20 Oct 2002: Fixed STDERR warning for non-initialized Plugin
20 Apr 2002: Improved performance; removed non-standard Plugin API dependencies; added standard plugin topic content -- TWiki:Main.PeterThoeny
23 Nov 2001: Added TOPIC and FORMAT setting
10 Jun 2001: Packaged into ZIP
28 Feb 2001: Initial version
CPAN Dependencies: none
Other Dependencies: none
Perl Version: 5.0
TWiki:Plugins/Benchmark: GoodStyle 96%, FormattedSearch 98%, SmiliesPlugin 96%
Plugin Home:

Related Topics: TWikiPreferences, TWikiPlugins

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